DevWP Update – Learn WordPress Design & Development Training Theme Tutorial

As a WordPress Theme Designer and Developer, you will need to keep your theme code up to date. In this video, I share with you updated code for the DevWP WordPress Design & Development Training Theme.

DevWP is specifically created with the purpose of helping people learn how to code their very own WordPress Theme and I use the Underscores starter theme along with Bootstrap 4 in order to create a theme that will look great on all devices.

This is the full playlist link for DevWP:

And if you want to get the code in advance, visit here:

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In this WordPress Theme Development Tutorial video, I share with you how to make sure your embedded videos are fully responsive, I update the code for bootstrap CSS and javascript files and I include jQuery from the Google API library.

There are also some changes made to the CSS file so make sure to view those changes towards the end of the video.

I also demonstrate how to use a Diff Checker called Meld Merge which is a great way to see what changes were made to files and folders. This is a very useful tool for developers and I highly recommend using it.

DevWP will be kept up to date and any changes I make, I will feature in upcoming videos.

Table of Contents:

Meld Merge Diff Checker: 1:20
Bootstrap 4 CSS & JS FIles: 3:14
Popper JS Code: 5:18
Custom jQuery 7:30
New Footer Link: 12:31
Responsive Video Embed Code: 13:47
Stylesheet Changes: 20:11