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Best Social Media For Rappers To Market Using Live Stream

How To Create A Mindblowing Live Stream That Keeps Fans Glued To Their Screens:

Today we discuss the best social media platforms (of the major ones) for rappers to stream on. Live streaming for promotion and marketing has steadily been growing over the last couple of years and in 2018 is going to get even larger. With Facebook having entire shows on live stream, the biggest names in the world using Instagram live stream now, and YouTube live keeping steady, marketing and promoting your music on live stream will be keep for you in 2018.

0:14 Which social media site should I go live on?
0:31 The merits of using Instagram live to market your raps
0:42 More shameless plugs
1:01 Instagram live’s algorithm favors your live streams
1:30 Facebook Live… with some amazing “hacks” for you to use
1:45 #StealThisIdea
2:27 YouTube live… is it worth it?
3:13 Twitter / Persicope and their current state in the live stream game
4:22 How to run a live-stream that keeps fans glued to their screen:

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