Social Media Marketing

Marketing Minute 005: “The Engaged Brand” (Social Media Marketing) #MarketingMinute

For social media marketing, interactive engagement is critical.

Are you developing a brand image revolving around customer service, employee responsiveness, and caring for your customers’ needs?

If so, it’s time to assess your side of the interactivity equation across all of your social media channels.

Social media platforms often provide rather shallow analytics regarding what they’ll call “engagement,” but these typically reflect only how much your viewers engage with your content, and not how much you reciprocate by interacting with those engaged viewers.

This type of non-interactive content delivery is like you putting on a fancy hat and standing in the middle of a busy sidewalk. People say “hi,” they make comments, they ask questions, but you just stand there, wearing your fancy hat that you call “content.”

Soon, those who engaged with you start to see you for what you are: all show, and of little value, at least when it comes to interaction.

Instead, first, present valuable content. Second, pay attention when people engage with your content. Third, interact with those engaged viewers.

If you want to be known as an “engaged brand,” be responsive to the engagement that your social media content receives.

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