Minecraft has always existed as a work in progress, but ever since Microsoft purchased the property, it seems like new updates are releasing at a record-setting pace. Maybe it just appears that way because of the game’s massive popularity and coverage, as the last big update was actually released two months ago. Strangely enough, that update was broken up into two segments, and only just yesterday was the second half released when Minecraft 1.5 hit the digital shelves.

Back in May Minecraft 1.4 was released on the Play Store, and with it came the first phase of Update Aquatic. This update expectedly brought plenty of new oceanic features, such as nine new ocean-themed biomes, fish, shipwrecks, and swimming animations. Yesterday Minecraft was updated to version 1.5, and it brings along the second and final phase of Update Aquatic. You can now expect to find underwater zombies, sea turtles, and bubble columns, plus plenty of other interesting water-based features.

New Features in 1.5:

  • Realms are now available on Nintendo Switch
  • The Drowned – These dangerous, underwater zombies lurk in dark, deep water and will come up to the shore at night
  • Sea Turtles – These gentle creatures can be found swimming in oceans and tanning on beaches. Protect their eggs so more can hatch!
  • Turtle Shell and Scute items
  • Potion of the Turtle Master
  • Nautilus Shells – Can be found while fishing or held by the Drowned
  • Conduits can now be constructed underwater and give players the Conduit Power effect. Craft them with Nautilus Shells &
  • Heart of the Sea
  • Bubble Columns – Magma Blocks create downward flowing columns and Soul Sand creates upward flowing bubbles
  • New Achievements!
  • Added new commands that only affect worlds with Education Edition enabled: 1. /ability – Sets a player’s ability 2. /immutableworld – Sets the immutable state of the world 3. /worldbuilder – Toggle World Builder status of caller

If the 1.5 update isn’t enough Minecraft news for you today, allow me to fill you in on the details about the recent beta 1.6 release. It brings quite a few new quality of life additions such as Nether support in multiplayer, not to mention 97 bug fixes and quite a few changes. Just don’t expect anything too groundbreaking. If you would like to jump into this beta, all you need to do is click on this link to become a tester.

New Additions in Beta 1.6:

  • Added Nether support to multiplayer.
  • Added craftable maps.
  • Oak Trapdoor.png Oak Trapdoor
  • Grass.png Grass in certain biomes.
  • Seeds are now found in tall grass; using a hoe on the ground no longer yields seeds.
  • Dead Bush.png Dead Bush in Deserts.
  • New settings in server.properties: view-distance, allow-nether

As you can see, there’s a lot to absorb with the release of the stable 1.5 update and the 1.6 beta. Now that Minecraft’s Update Aquatic is complete I’m not too sure what is coming next besides the changes we see in the 1.6 beta, but as we all know not everything in a beta will make it to production. Still, if Mojang and Microsoft can keep up the current release schedule and quality of content, I’m sure fans will continue to stick with Minecraft for a long, long while.