In what seems to be a theme today, Opera has revealed it’s launching a private beta for a crypto-integrated version of its browser. This new beta adds a built-in wallet for cryptocurrencies as well as support for Ethereum-based decentralized applications (Dapps, for those in the know).

Opera believes that more people would use cryptocurrencies and Dapps if the platforms using them were more numerous and easier to use. By integrating both into its browser, Opera believes that there’s an increased chance for adoption, and it’s probably right.

The company has chosen to support the Ethereum Web3 API for Dapps, which has proven to be a popular solution. That means plenty of Dapps out there should be supported by Opera’s experiment, with a convenient Dapp discovery method called “Dapp Explorer” also included. The cryptocurrency wallet also supports Ethereum tokens and collectibles, like CryptoKitties. All ERC20 tokens are supported, with support for more ERC-721 tokens/collectibles coming in the future. The browser’s included wallet even integrates with Coinbase Commerce, which should make for an easy checkout process on sites that use the service.

Opera considers all these additions to be part of its investment in the growing decentralized and privacy-minded Web 3.0 philosophy.

Interestingly, Opera appears to have taken down the blog post announcing this beta, and the page readers were previously invited to register for the beta is also 404ing, though related socials and videos are still up.