One year after the initial release of Google Lens alongside the Pixel 2, Google has integrated the AI-enabled tool directly into the Pixel 3’s Google Camera app, and announced that it is now available while the phone is offline. These changes add utility to the feature, and serve as a visual reminder to use the tool — something that’s been lacking up to this point.

As the leaks forecasted, Lens Suggestions are built into the Pixel 3’s camera directly. All users have to do is open their camera, point in the right direction, and tap to activate various functions — for instance, calling a phone number on a takeout menu. This all happens without having to tap anything on the screen to bring it up.

Additionally, on the Pixel 3, users can now just long press in the camera app to gain access to the full Lens experience. Users can also pop Lens open in recent apps by swiping up from the home button and long pressing on an image.

But certainly the most exciting new Lens features is offline availability, using Google’s Pixel Visual Core. This means you’ll be able to get results even while in Airplane Mode or with data switched off, though if the actions require an internet connection (like opening a link to a product), then you’ll only be able to take the search so far.

These new Google Lens features will be available on Pixel 3 devices. Android Police has reached out Google for details on when the features will come to older Pixel devices.