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A 3D Mouse Controller With Android VR Support

Want to control your computer or smartphone by waving your hands around? The Tactigon Skin brings versatile 3D mouse control and Android VR support to Kickstarter in February of 2019 for $140 (a 40% discount).

The Tactigon Skin gesture controller

So what’s a 3D mouse? A 3D mouse uses either an infrared sensor or a nine-axis sensor cluster, the same in your smartphone, to determine movement direction, acceleration, and rotation. By moving the mouse, you also move the on-screen cursor. But the concept isn’t new. 3D mice excel as media remote, where you don’t have a mouse pad to control a cursor.

Tactigon Skin isn’t the only hand-worn motion controller. Among the many devices that have come and gone over the years, some of the more memorable competitors include the Mycestro (our review of the Mycestro

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) wireless 3D finger mouse, the Tap mouse and keyboard, and the Vicara Kai.

Among its peers, the Tactigon distinguishes itself in several ways. First, it includes true Bluetooth compatibility instead of requiring a Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, or 802.11 wireless dongle. For example, the Vicara Kai and Mycestro mouse can function as a 3D gesture mouse—but only if the user plugs in a dongle. Without a dongle both controllers cannot function in their intended roles. Full functionality also requires installing special software to access extra features. The requirement that laptop users lug a dongle along can prove deal breaking, since dongles can easily get lost or broken and installing apps could cause battery drain.

The Tactigon Skin, on the other hand (pun intended), can function as a mouse without installing any additional software, unless you own a system without Bluetooth Low Energy support. But all modern operating systems include BTLE functionality so few won’t be able to use it without a dongle (a dongle is included, but it isn’t required).

The Tactigon Skin gesture controller

On top of the ability to function as a 3D mouse where you can control the mouse cursor by gesturing in the air, the Tactigon Skin also functions as a control input for Android virtual reality platforms (Oculus Go and Samsung GearVR) and as a drone remote control. In the demonstration, the Tactigon skin, combined with a prototype motion tracking unit, moved a robotic arm and claw around.

The Tactigon Skin gesture controller

Tactigon Skin is compatible with all major platforms, including iOS, Windows 8, 8.1, and 10, Android, Linux, and Macintosh. The Kickstarter campaign begins in February of 2019 and early investors get a 40% discount. Visit the Tactigon Skin Facebook page for more details.

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